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Some informations for our English partners visiting the fenster/frontale in Nuremberg in March, 2012:

ETG by Kevin Kreyer

ETG by Kevin Kreyer is a family-run business founded in 2007 in the town of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock in the eastern part of Westphalia. The company was established on a foundation of extensive experience in the fields of craft and commerce. Today, ETG is one of Germany’s leading firms manufacturing products of solid stainless steel for use in the glass construction field. Applications include:

  • Canopies
  • Sliding doors
  • Shower partitions
  • Glass walls
  • Windscreens/glass fences
  • Dividing walls systems
  • Glass WC and changing room facilities

The company specialises in making hinges, sections and pipes from high quality stainless steel. One new feature in the portfolio is the Angular series of fittings. This in-house development features clear contours and a consistent design across the range. To maximise viability, all hinges are available with lifting and lowering or linear function.

Custom-made solutions for specific client requirements are par for the course at ETG. The same goes for the Glasprofi24 online shop, which is specially designed to showcase glass products: on the site, customers can configure products to suit their needs and determine the price immediately. Online configuration represents added value for resellers, handicraft businesses and architects who can obtain prices for their quotations quickly.

Service and product quality are the watchwords of Glasprofi24. To find out more, please visit our web site or exhibition.

Dura glass canopy – with unsupported design

  • excellent glass properties (DuPont SentryGlas)
  • significantly higher residual load capacity in case of breakage
  • improved edge stability
  • minimal delamination
  • greater load capacity to withstand (for example) heavy snowfalls
  • option of thinner laminate (glass thickness) reduces weight and saves cost
  • tilt angle of 3° with additional wedge bar
  • Eye-catching Dura front door canopies with highly
  • crack-resistant glass

This canopy from the Dura series looks almost weightless. Supported by nothing more than a robust wall rack which locks the glass firmly in place, Dura glass canopies are ideal where space around an entryway is limited. The canopy can be installed directly above a front door, or below the roof overhang. The terminal block and cover panel are made of high-grade aluminium with a satin finish, and the side covers are made of stainless steel. Note that this canopy design, which promises ease of installation, is only available from Glasprofi24 (industrial property rights obtained).

It’s not only the design of the glass canopy that’s exceptional, however: Dura also utilises highly secure ipasafe laminated safety glass: a special laminate layer between the panes provides tensile strength that is five times greater and doubles the rigidity of the material.

NEW: Angular series

  • Angular fittings have impressively clear and straightforward contours.
  • A modern, angular design is applied across the range, from mounts and brackets to handles.
  • Industrial property rights have been obtained for Angular.